Large scale projects in any commercial sector

Our expertise in the area of commercial electrical appliances is extensive and Nu-Tech technology is currently installed and maintained in leading:

    • Commercial Highrise Office Complexes
    • Shopping Centres
    • Government Offices
    • Educational Facilities
    • Medical Centres

Our Electricians are highly skilled in:

    • Emergency Lighting Systems
      Testing, reporting and repairing to AS2293.2:1995 for both single point and central battery systems.
    • Lighting Maintenance Systems
      Controlling lighting loads to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness
    • Thermal Imaging
      Therman Imaging and Thermal Imaging data is used as a testing tool in electrical and switchgear maintenance to help identify ‘hot spots’ by variations in temperature. The aim of this process is to aid in revealling any existing problems and / or monitor developing problems.
    • Telephone Systems
      Planning and installation of telephone systems from as few as 2 lines through to PABX’s capable of servicing a multiple office layout.
    • Electrical Repairs and Maintenance
      From changing a lamp through to wiring a complete new installation.
    • Computer Network Cabling
      Designing optimum computer network systems up to the installation of the hub.
    • Category 5 and Coaxial Cabling
      Running cabling and terminating as to SAA HB29 1998 to meet all of your computer and data communication requirements.
    • Optical Fibre Cabling
      The latest in data transfer, optical fibre cabling gives you the power to transfer data between locations at a higher rate.
    • Electrical Fault Finding
    • Repairs and maintenance
    • Test and Tagging